Agency: Para Todo Hay Fans
Design Concept – Guillermo Castellanos
Art Direction / Graphic Design – Moses Guillen . Guadalajara / Jalisco
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

Naraván Natural beauty care products are for women and, soon to be developed, men. The fabrication process is completely artisanal, made with chemical-free ingredients, values ​​Clearly visible in the results of each product. The main benefit is the reduction of aging effects and external agents That deteriorate our body.

Our graphic solution is focused on connecting joy, sincerity and simplicity With all the attributes Mentioned, interpreted in soft colors, an elegant and light typography, in pair with a floral illustration That Reflects beauty, quality and effectiveness of the products to Satisfy the high levels of demand of our clients. The brand speaks for itself, Where product image expresses the absence of chemicals and Evokes ITS artisanal process.