Dr Feelgood Ice Pops

Derrick Lin


Designed by Brandwagon and Todd Yonge
Additional Credits: Melanie Bridge (Dr Feelgood)
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Dr Feelgood
Location: Auckland New Zealand
Packaging Contents: All natural ice pops
Packaging Materials: sustainable cardboard

An ice pop even the healthiest, kale-chugging hipster couldn’t put down. An uncompromisingly healthy range of icy treats that taste better than anything else on the market! A summer-selfie-ready mix of nutritious and delicious ingredients guaranteed to impress your trainer AND your snobby food critic mate.

Featuring only the good stuff, with absolutely no refined sugar, DR. FEELGOOD’S mouthwatering pops have none of the hard to pronounce nasties and all of the easy-to- eat goodies.

What’s Unique?
The packages were designed to fit with the ethos of the brand – homemade, fun, intelligent and approachable. Each pack has its own personality while being in a whole family with the classic ice pop shape. It was important to give something back to mother nature for providing such delicious ingredients, so we made sure all the packaging was recyclable / sustainable.