Barely Black-bean Sauce Noodle



Agency: theEight
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Woorimil Food Co.Ltd
Location: Gwangju, South Korea
Packaging Contents: Noodle
Packaging Materials: Plastic Pouch

The concept of this project was ‘tasteful’, ‘impact’, and ‘attention’. There are so many noodle products at the food corner, and it is hard to grab the customers’ attention among them. Therefore, we emphasized the label to be noticeable with its’ unique typefaces; we created and developed the text.

We designed its’ typefaces and selling copy as retro looking, since black-bean sauce noodle has long history in Korea.

We worked with the food stylist to create juicy and tasteful dish, and display with the chopsticks; the intention was people to remind the moment when they were having delicious noodle like this product.