Company: Pivovara i pivnica Medvedgrad
Ilustrator: Tomislav Tomić
Designer: Andrja Knapić
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Materials: Paper

Our goal
At the Brewery we wanted the beer labels to tell our story. We are a growing family owned craft brewery with more than 20 years of tradition. From the beginning our brewery and pubs were in Zagreb, capital of Croatia. We got our name from a medieval castle called Medvedgrad (bear town), that overlooks Zagreb from a mountain.

Clear vision, more than just a label
When we were talking with our illustrator Tomislav Tomić and designer Andrea Knapić we asked them to combine two things. One, type of beer the label is for, and two, with our tradition and values. Our labels are more than just a classic label, they tell a story.

After we started selling Fakin IPA older people recognised the background as Zagreb from their time and start telling stories, this is what we wanted to accomplish, to strengthen even more the bond with the people of Zagreb that made us what we are today.

The label goes around the whole bottle and this way completes the story. We use a white uncoated, matt, laid watermarked, woodfree printing paper with a tactile ‘hand made’ appearance and feel. Wet strength and fungicidal treatments. Fasson ® VERGE BLANC FSC – S2047NBG45WH IMP. Throug all of our label we use colours that are warm.

What’s Unique?
For our first IPA we used a well know name in Zagreb Fakin, which can be translated into rascal. Fakin is someone that was always on the street, local “bad boy” often getting into mischief. He is portrayed as a rooster surrounded with hens. In the background is Zagreb from 1950, with very recognisable locations like Movie theatre Triglav which was a famous place to go out at the time. Fakin is also holding a brick, this was one way how to get money, they would ask you to buy a brick of them when passing through their neighbourhood, no one bought the brick but they did pay so they could pass. Leather jacket, muscle cars, coolest guy in the crew – everything a girl wanted and her mother didn’t.