Glacier Water – ArcticWater


Москва, Россия

Agency: ohmybrand
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: ArcticWater
Location: Russia

Pure glacier water “ArcticWater” comes from glaciers beyond the Arctic Circle bordering with the Barents and the Kara Sea.

Water is taken directly from the ice massive with minimal use of mechanized labor. On each lot we can see the exact coordinates of the production site. Ice from the pit gets packed in biodegradable 1 kg bags and is delivered to the stores in a freezer.

Having bought 1 kg of water, you take it out of the package and put it in a special flask at home. Ice melts naturally at room temperature. A photocell is built into the bottom of the flask, and it is actuated when you put a glass close.

The ice melts, and you can finally drink the Arctic water. As you know, a man is 60% water – which means the one who drinks ArcticWater is 60% a Russian polar explorer.