Meon (Concept)



Designers: Beatrice Menis & Anna Johansson
Project Type: Concept
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Packaging Contents: Colour hair dye

This project was born from a one-day-only creative exercise. The idea was to keep it as creative as possible in a short amount of time; we had to come up with a concept and bring it to live: that’s how Meon was born. What is Meon? It’s a brand for neon colour hair dyes.

Nowadays the market is full of crazy hair dyes, from shocking pink to dreamy turquoise, but the packaging is lacking personality, definitely not reflecting the bold individual buying the product. This is the reason why we’ve decided to turn things around and create Meon, a packaging that would truly reflect the personality of the product inside!

The naming “Meon” derives from neon; we’ve added the “me” in front of it which reflects the personality of the brand and of the consumer. It’s all about crafting your own identity through your own image, so we thought that creating a brand name that would directly talked to consumers was an effective way of communication.

The Meon range comes in four neon colours; acid green, fairy blue, polly pink and hot orange. Each colour comes with an adjective that describes both the colour and the personality of the consumer buying it. The colour personalities are supported by a sentence on the packaging; for example the “Acid Green” colour comes along with the sentence “Stay Wild”. Last but not least the outer packaging warns that this product is “not for cowards” provoking the consumers buying it.

What’s Unique?
It was born from a one day only creative exercise, the purpose was to challenge ourselves into coming up with an (awesome) idea and bring it to life in the shortest amount of time!