Designer: Hani Douaji
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Pandle Inc.
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Packaging Materials: Paper

From the same talented designer who brought us Trident Gum, Hani Douaji designed yet another intriguing packaging that pushed the boundaries of packaging design.

About Pandle:
A portable, rubber handle infused with nanosilver, an antibacterial material, Pandle is perfect for holding onto surfaces on public transportation, in airports, in hospitals, at fitness centers, and so much more!

Create a new packaging concept for Pandle where the customer can see and feel the product.

1- Explaining to the consumers the product’s use and benefits.
2- Showing the consumers how colorful the product is.
3- Giving the consumers an idea about the products touch and feel.

The new packaging is inspired by the use of the product. On the foreground the die cut has a hand shape, the hand is inserted physically into the product. While on the background there is a simple illustration of a handle. The packaging shows the hand gripping the handle illustrated in the background.