Hung (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Ashley Erdman
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Wisconsin–Stout
Course: Product Packaging and Graphics
Tutor: Nagesh Shinde
Location: Menomonie, United States
Packaging Contents: Magical Hangover Cure
Packaging Materials: Plastic, Paper

This is a packaging project I completed for my senior-level design studio at the University of Wisconsin–Stout. The assignment was to recreate or invent a series of products that are related to one another either in theme, or in variation. We were tasked to create something interesting, unique, and appealing, while still keeping in mind things such as manufacturing, legal information, where the product would sit on a shelf, who would buy it, and much more. Living on a college campus in Wisconsin, I noticed how many of my peers complained about hangovers and had to deal with the consequence of having a little too much fun. I decided to design a new age beverage that the bottled and ready-to-drink hangover cure.

Hung: The Hangover Helper. It’s a sassy drink with attitude that will whip you back into shape. The packaging has personality and even scolds you a little bit. “Maybe you shouldn’t have drank so much. You definitely shouldn’t have danced on that table.” It’s all in good fun. There are a variety of flavors which actually correspond to different levels of hangover severity. One too many beers? Just go with the Stage 1. Did someone buy you more tequila shots than you can count? Don’t mess around… get your hands on a bottle of Stage 3 as soon as possible.

Please drink responsibly.

What’s Unique?
This is a product with attitude. It’s meant to be whimsical and solve a non-serious problem. The concept already exists, but this packaging slaps you on the wrist a little for over-indulging, while still insisting that no one’s judging you. The packaging is very bold and striking, especially compared to other more non-traditional beverages you might find in the supermarket.