La Clara (Concept)

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Designer: Sofia Bártolo
Project Type: Concept
Location: Madrid, Spain
Packaging Contents: Beer

La Clara was born as a conceptual project for an authentic and premium craft beer.

The name, La Clara, results from the Spanish habit of mixing beer with lemon carbonated drink in order to soften the typical flavour of regular beer. In Spain it is a drink made manually at the bar, upon request, and it’s widely consumed by women.

Since it is a very common custom between the Spanish ladies — why not create the end product itself??

La Clara is a beer made from wheat with a smooth lemon flavour and less calories, in a premium design pack.

This refreshing and smooth beer, yet full of character and presence, will give life to the alternative that can meet the necessity of a proper beer for modern, feminine and elegant women.

Aiming the same smart target market as the refreshing sparkling white wine, La Clara pretends to have a similar graphic behaviour to wine in a sense of it’s elegant label design importance.

With strong and elegant character communicated through bold graphics and typography alongside with minimalist design, the bottle becomes a piece of design for women as beer lovers, bringing elegance and identity to this feminine Spanish custom.