Coffee Kong (Concept)



Agency: ahhaproject
Project Type: Concept
Location: Korea
Packaging Contents: Instant Coffee mix
Packaging Materials: All materials for non-chemical type

Coffee Kong is a instant coffee mix which is designed for quick brewing.

In the half part of Asian region, a market of instant coffee mix is more popular than brewed coffee. More than 70% of people have more than 1 cup of coffee everyday.

Consequently, people have to waste same amount of vinyl coated material per cup.

As always Ahhaproject has been considering sustainable ways, we wanted to find a way to protect environment and also make consumer comfortable when they have our product.

How to brew
# All you need is hot water and a couple of these sugar coated instant coffee compressed beans.

Put in a couple of them (depending how strong you like your cuppa joe) and then get ready to sip on some delightful coffee.

What’s Unique?
Ahhaproject’s “Coffee Kong” shows comfortable ways of having coffee. Cold pressed coffee mass doesn’t need a spoon and people can adjust a intensity of coffee easily. Also, it is easy to carry for outside activity, such as camping and picnic. “Coffee Kong” helps people reduce several steps for brewing coffee.