Agency: GUILD
Project Type: Self Promotion
Location: Brooklyn, USA
Packaging Contents: Moleskine Notebook, Pencils, Tape Measure, USB Jumpdrive, Key Fob, Tee Shirt, Coffee Mug
Packaging Materials: Birchwood

Guild is a creative experiential agency that designs + builds experiences for premium consumer brands such as Howard Hughes, NARS, Nike, Target, Tory Burch, amongst others.

We have 250+ employees across three studios in NYC, LA, and Portland.

We design + build all creative assets in-house for our clients, so our teams are comprised of designers, producers, painters, carpenters, and a host of other positions essential to smooth operations here at Guild!

2016 is shaping up to be a major year for us. We’re only in Q1 and our new biz department is already kicking some major ass.

With new business comes the need for new employees. On-boarding a new employee can be difficult as there are tons of protocols and procedures to go through, governance to be in accordance with, and a company culture to live by. This can be a daunting task for both employee and employer.

To make our Guild’ed Newbies feel right at home, we not only post embarrassing childhood photos of them on the interwebs for the entire world to see, but we also welcome them to the Guild family tree with our “New Hire Box”.

On a new employee’s first day on the job, we give them a handmade birchwood box filled with essential items to get them adjusted to life at Guild as soon as possible.

Guild’s ‘New Hire Box’ includes:
– A branded notebook (for taking personal notes of everyone’s name – seriously, we have 5 people named Nick that work in one office…how the hell is anyone supposed to know which one is which?!)

– Coffee Mug (because no one in our office is a pleasant person without a strong cup of Joe first thing in the AM)

– 2 pencils (to erase those awkward first day moments, such as figuring out who you’re going to eat lunch with)

– Tape Measure (because building stunning work is hard to do without one)

– Key Fob (all of our 3 studios sits on an industrial park campus that requires secured access and the occasional need to speed walk to get to a meeting on time)

– USB Jumpdrive (holds all HR info, contacts, digital copies of new hire paperwork [no unnecessary printing], and maps of the campus; plus suggestions on where to eat in the neighborhood)

-Guild Tee-Shirt (what better way to feel like a big family than everyone dressing alike…..right?)

What’s Unique?
“It’s very cliche, but it’s also very true… never have a second chance to make a good first impression. Guild’s employees are the company’s most valuable asset, so welcoming new team members from the moment they walk in is vital to creating a long and productive relationship. The new hire box allows us to start the on-boarding process with a tangible and visual expression of Guild’s core values–collaboration, communication, curiosity and most importantly – creative problem solving.” – Daniel Ordower, Chief Operating Officer

Guild’s New Hire Box is minimal in design and truly reflects our values and creative vision of design and build.