Katowice and Silesia



Design Agency: musk collective design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Chocolate
Location: Poland

“Taste…”: Edible Travel Guides to Silesia and Katowice.

“Taste Katowice”and “Taste Silesia” are unconventional, delicious travel guides to our region. Unlike traditional boxes of chocolates, the aesthetics and quality of our chocolates are just as important as the flavor inside.

This delectable guide was created with great attention to detail. The entire product design was built from scratch. That is to say, not only did we conceive the visual components (graphic design, brand identity), but likewise the form: shapes and dimensions of the chocolates themselves, box, transparent compartments, and lining.

In order to achieve the simple, yet elegant graphic expression of the packaging, we chose to utilize a contrast of two colors. We then added a series of original pictograms drawn by our team in isometrics. The design process was a fascinating and enjoyable journey through unexplored technological and production capabilities.

“Taste…” is the next level of chocolate in the confection market. Unlike traditional products, each bite of our edible guide offers not only the pleasure of chocolate, but history as well. Landmarks, monuments, and unique places of the region will simultaneously stimulate the taste buds and tell their story. This multidimensional project can serve as a wonderful gift or souvenir from your Silesian trip.

“Taste Katowice” is a blue travel guide. It’s color refers to distinctive symbols of the city. Inside, there are chocolates shaped into quintessential sights like Spodek, Superjednostka, or the grand Columns of the Railway Station which used to define Katowice. Our region is not only known for its architecture, but also excellent music, invoking renowned Jazz Institute and iconic hip-hop band from the 90s Kaliber 44.

Under each of the chocolates you will find a brief description of the object that you’re feasting on.

“Taste Silesia” is a burgundy edition of the guide that embodies 16 chocolates, representing the largest towns of the Silesian region – from Cieszyn to the Błędowska Desert. You can find the castle in Cieszyn, widely known Brewery in the town of Tychy and Gliwice Radio Tower, where back in 1939 the Germans staged a provocation that led to World War II.

All edible guides have dedicated maps. By following these chocolate routes we invite you to get to know Katowice and Silesia.

Each box contains 16 chocolates: 8 milk and 8 dark. The cocoa nibs were personally selected by Barry Callebaut, Belgium based and world’s leading manufacturer of high quality chocolate. The dark chocolate contains 70.4% cocoa and milk 35.2%. In addition, for discerning palates, several have been enriched with cranberries. The guide weighs 304 grams, which is more than 3 bars of chocolate.