5 Eggs Packaging Design You Shouldn’t Miss

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Derrick Lin


5 Eggs Packaging Design

The most important use for an egg packaging is the maximum efficiency in handling and transport with the lowest possible risk of breakage and waste. No matter how far the journey is from the factory or farm to the supermarket, we should be able to count on an egg that is not broken.

Easter day is near and here at Packaging of the World, we selected 5 egg packaging projects that we think are awesome. Let us know which is your favorite package design. Also check out our egg Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Just Laid Egg Packaging Concept designed by Springetts Brand Design Consultants

The Just Laid concept uses standard egg box packaging in a unique way that allows the consumers to interact with the pack and design. To further highlight the freshly laid concept, the fastening on the box becomes a representation of the egg itself, allowing consumers to connect with the natural process of the eggs ‘being laid’!

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De Fold Containers designed by Maria Cecilia Villegas

Consists of two boxes that adapt to the standard egg structures, with capacities for 6 and 12 eggs. Drawn up in order to hold all the elements and protect the fragile content, also storing the eggs until they are all consumed. Made of Recycled Cardboard to be Reused, sizes to fit the standard egg structure.

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Coop student concept designed by Aimee Domínguez & Daniela Fonseca

This project consisted in the making of a packaging for 2 eggs in only 1 cardboard piece, in order to reduce the environmental impact of the material and printing inks. The branding and packaging concept comes from the organic coops we found in traditional farms that have an unique triangle shape.

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Ecotera Eco Eggs designed by Javier Garduño Estudio De Diseño

ECOTERA is an organic eggs small farm in the province of Zamora. We create a belt to wear the egg cup, with fastenings and a handle to carry it comfortably. It is made of recycled kraft paperboard and printed in 1 color in its positive and negative version, allowing the production for its low cost.

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The box contains 7 eggs, the cover is closed densely, without allowing eggs to move in a box and protecting them from damage. The box is made of the dense pressed cardboard — eco-friendly processed material. Design works for perception of texture, structure and shape all make an outstanding emotional impression. DOMILOVO will bring a piece of farm life into your house.

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