C’est notre Histoire

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Design Agency: JPM & Associés
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Berthaut
Location: Dijon, France
Packaging Contents: Cheese
Packaging Materials: Carton, Wood, Paper

The production of the famous cheese of Epoisses, launched sixty years ago by the founders of the current Fromagerie Berthaut, allowed the Burgundian company to position today as the market leader in France and worldwide. Distributed among refiners and cheese professionals, these products had to participate in the growth of self-service range. So Fromagerie Berthaut needed to expand its offering by launching a new range to “make a place” in this range!

Objectives And Restrictions:
On a the fast growing dairy market (+ 4.2%), cheese self-service revenues increased by 4.5% in value. It was vital for Fromagerie Berthaut to implant and establish itself on this ray so far “unoccupied” by its products. A range on which competition is fierce because industrial and cheese producers work hard to glean market share both in the field of merchandising and protected designations …

Creative Approach:
Step 1 / IDENTIFY / Build an original brand – « C’est notre histoire » (which means « It’s our history ») – without any reference to Fromagerie Berthaut, a brand leaning on an imaginary able to raise consumer awareness … because our history is also yours …!

Step 2 / DISTINCTION, ALERT / Create three original names, distinctive and rewarding. Build an attractive universe supported on the history and origins. Distinguish each product while creating a new family, identifiable, evocative and alertante…

Step 3 / SALES SUPPORT / synthesize information to produce convincing arguments. Create the appropriate sales tools. Assist the sales teams.

Supported by consumer tests, the new range « C’est notre Histoire” composed of three complementary products, is launched with immediate results in terms of referencing, especially for « Les Echauguettes », an innovative, festive and attractive product, quickly praised by consumers.