Takeo-Eminent Monkey Basket

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Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Eminent Creative
Designer: Nicole Teh
Project Type: Self Promotion
Location: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Packaging Contents: Festive snacks & delicacies
Packaging Materials: Specialty paper

Everyone loves to share a great moment, especially during celebrations, like Chinese New Year, where it’s all about the spirit of getting together. Giving age-old traditions a new twist, many brands and business owners have adopted the tradition of ang pao-giving and gift exchanging into their business strategy.

Collaborating with Fine Paper Takeo, we designed a self-promotional gift packaging for Fine Paper Takeo’s clients, partners and vendors to promote the joy of sharing in a gift that is fun and imaginative, allowing the brand to stand out while adhering to cultures and respecting tradition.

A fun take on traditional customs, this gift box mimics the classic woven basket with a braided handle, giving the packaging an even more nostalgic effect, taking you down the memory lane of sharing sweet delicacies and savoury goodies with the ones you care most.

What’s Unique?
This innovative gift box will certainly help you make a good impression with the hostess at your next Chinese New Year gathering. The bright colours used for the picnic basket-shaped gift box resonates the nostalgia of olden day glory. Using a colour palette that is cohesive and complements the theme in a playful take on a standard gift box makes it feel even more like a real treat.