Truvibe Eat Clean



Truvibe Eat Clean meal drink packaging

Design Agency: Family And Friends
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: TruVibe Organics
Location: Nevada, USA
Packaging Contents: Meal drinks
Packaging Materials: PET


TruVibe Organics is an award-winning brand that has, up until now, simply packaged up highly nutritional SINGLE INGREDIENTS, sold through health food stores and pharmacies in the US.

The brand’s big idea is built around ‘positive experiences’, both from product delivery perspective, and the packaging that carries big, positive calls to action.

TruVibe is now moving into pre-prepared products –TRUE AND BALANCED HEALTHY MEAL REPLACEMENTS, providing a high level of sustenance for one meal of your day.

Importantly, they all have what’s regarded as ‘clean’ ingredients; lots of greens, vegetables and no added sugars, salts etc. The registered brand name EAT CLEAN, is yet another positive call out to consumers, whilst pack design focuses on fresh ingredients.

Truvibe Eat Clean meal drink packaging

The range architecture is built around 4 pillars of product types:
o Superfood – which will contain largely superfood ingredients
o Salad (or Greens)
o All In One
o Protein

What’s Unique?
One of the first Organic, truly nutritious and balanced meal replacement options.

Truvibe Eat Clean meal drink packaging
Truvibe Eat Clean meal drink packaging