Derrick Lin


Designed by Johnny Cardenas and Blue Note
Manufacturer: MW Luxury Packaging
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Sonos
Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wireless speakers, Home audio system
Packaging Materials: Leather

This limited edition carry case has been created to reflect the exceptional quality and beauty of the set of Sonos PLAY:1 Blue Note speakers contained within.

The exquisite dark blue leather, which is hand-stitched with contrasting lighter blue thread, reflects the signature style of the iconic Blue Note record label.

When opened, the inside of the lid displays the Sonos logo in shocking electric blue, framed by inside panels of the same colour. The carry case contains a velvet tray which houses the two Sonos speakers.

Removal of the speakers from the case reveals a stunning hardback book and disc, which together tell the story of the celebrated Blue Note jazz label. The carry case is finished with a classic handle made of leather, embossed with the Sonos logo. It is secured by two durable black clasp locks, which evoke the feel and sound of the traditional vinyl record case.