Design Agency: BRANDEXPERT
Project Type: Produced
Client: Yablokov
Location: Russia
Packaging contents: Dried apple chips
Packaging Materials: laminated polyethylene membrane with high barrier properties (structured in 2 or 3 layers)

Branding agency “Island of Freedom” restyled the logo and packaging design of natural and organic snacks “Yablokov”. “Yablokov” is a tasty fruit snack for those who care about their health, fit and proper nutrition throughout the day. Crunchy apple rings and apple crisps are dried in a special way, using infrared drying process. This technology allows to keep all the vitamins, trace elements and the maximum use of natural product. Selected for the production of natural fruit snacks “Yablokov” grown under favorable conditions of the Black Sea coast of Russia. It is an ideal light and healthy snack for people leading an active lifestyle, carefully watching their diet and nutrition.

What’s Unique:
Absolutely unique product. Crunchy apple rings are dried in a special way according to a new technology allowing to preserve all the vitamins and use of natural product. Supposed to be consumed as a snack but consists no fats, sugars and minimum calories.