Creative Agency: Pearlfisher New York
Founder and CCO: Jonathan Ford,
Pearlfisher Founder and CEO: Mike Branson,
Pearlfisher Head of Strategy: Karen Schnelwar,
Pearlfisher Creative Director: Hamish Campbell, Pearlfisher
Design Director: Matt Sia, Pearlfisher
Head of Business Management: Teres Rodney, Pearlfisher
Business Manager: Rachel Cobian, Pearlfisher
Location: USA

Pearlfisher New York has redesigned beloved ice cream brand, Blue Bunny.

Pearlfisher New York has created the new tone of voice, brand architecture, identity and package design for ice cream icon Blue Bunny, enriching the brand’s heritage by infusing it with a distinct sense of fun to forge deeper connections with customers. The iconic brand now shines through the freezer door as the most playful and celebratory choice.

Blue Bunny is the signature brand of Wells Enterprises, Inc., a Midwestern company founded over 100 years ago by Fred H. Wells which remains to this day a privately held, family-owned company. Recognizing that it was time for a brand refresh, Blue Bunny challenged Pearlfisher to visually revitalize the brand in a modern and unexpected way, ultimately to reassert Blue Bunny’s iconic status.

Blue Bunny is, at the core, a playful and lively brand. To visually inject the brand with fun and moments of delight, Pearlfisher Design revisited one of the most integral elements of Blue Bunny’s identity – the logo – originally inspired by a child’s love for the blue bunnies in a 1935 Easter time department store window. Hand-drawn to take cues from simpler times, the new logo heroes the “B,” which takes the shape of the bunny and can stand-alone to represent the brand.

Alternatively, it can take the place of both “B”’s in the name. The relevance of the letter has been further developed with the creation of custom “B”-shaped chocolate candy inclusions that are now available in the brand’s signature flavor, Bunny Tracks ice cream.

Another key equity of the brand is the color blue. It was central in Pearlfisher’s strategic approach to preserve this part of their heritage – after all, the color is in the name. The fresher, more appetizing hue of blue reinforces Blue Bunny’s point of difference as the most delightful choice.

Committed to delivering on the brand’s playful positioning, Blue Bunny improved their existing flavors and developed new ones to coincide with the brand’s re-launch. To highlight the quality of the ice cream inside, the teams opted to use see-through containers, ensuring that the brand is, quite literally, being transparent with consumers.

Matt Sia, Pearfisher New York Design Director, said of the redesign, “We were thrilled to redesign such a beloved All-American brand. This is a brand that many of us grew up with, know well, and love. The resulting design has re-infused Blue Bunny with joy – and reasserts its iconic status front and center in the freezer aisle.”