Feminine Liquid Soap (Concept)

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Designer: João John Martins
Project Type: Concept
Location: Brazil
Packaging Contents: Beauty, personal hygiene
Packaging Materials: Plastic (bottle), self adhesive (label)

This is a conceptual project for a fictitious brand called: Pretty Lady.

Both the brand and the packaging were designed with the following concept in mind: minimal and discrete, yet sexy and jovial.

Pretty Lady is a brand of personal hygiene products for women. So far it has three different types of liquid soap: Pretty Lady Face, for face cleansing; Pretty Lady Body, for body cleansing; and Pretty Lady Intimus, for intimate cleansing.

The bottle, white and discrete, with a smooth curve, give it a feminine touch, separating it from other segments.

The label features an illustration of a woman’s silhouette. The black color pops out and brings the attention to the label. Since the illustration is quite minimal, this color choice does not pollute the packaging as a whole, in fact, it is complemented by the white background.

Each color represents a type of cleansing, they’re placed strategically within the illustration. It’s subtle, yet easy to understand. Each color was also chosen to match the soap’s fragrance, as well as being of smooth and delicate tones. The lid uses the same tone to match with the label.

Finally the brand itself, was designed from the font Dosis, with a few tweaks to give it an identity and personality. It’s elegant, clean and easy to read.