Artist: Yi,Chung Chang(Serlick), Zoey Chou, Hangi Haung, Sirius Hsieh, Elly Shin
Speicial Thanks: Shin Wang
Project Type: Commercial Work
Client: Good Moment – The Tea Of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Project: B.I.(Behaviour Identity), M.I.(Mind Identity), V.I. (Visul Identity)
Awards: 2014 Yodex Designer Exhibition – Packages category “Bronze Awards”
Location: Taiwan

24 hours a cycle, the same applies to organs functioning. Human bodies and organs both require plenty of rest within this cycle. However, many people have trouble managing their time causing them to be unable to rest accordingly. As a result, heavy burdens are inflicted on their organs. Specific Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines have been created to heal particular organs in order to nurse the entire body to a good level of health. Thus by having 12 types of herbal medicine teas to heal the organs corresponding with organ operating time within the 12 divisions of the day (According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it divides 24 hours into 12 divisions where each division has two hours), consumers would be nourished and achieve maximum health.