Creative Agency: White Bear Studio
Creative Partners: Martyn Garrod, Kelly Mackenzie
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Hot Chiu
Location: London, UK
Packaging Contents: Hot Sauce
Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper

A powerful fusion of flavours and cultures poured into a small but mighty bottle, but that’s the only thing small about this brand! Hot Chiu is a boutique Asian hot sauce company based in London with a focus on making delicious, unique and memorable condiments. Sheryl Chiu-Sosnov, the energy and inspiration behind Hot Chiu, takes you right back to the traditional use of Asian condiments, bursting with flavour. However there is nothing traditional about her contemporary recipes.

White Bear Studio’s challenge was to create an unforgettable and vibrant brand, one that would be instantly recognisable. It needed to evoke the energy of traditional Asia but appeal to a more contemporary adventure seeking Western audience.

White Bear’s design inspiration came from researching Asian heritage, it was during this research they discovered that each Asian country has a national Dragon. As each flavour was based on the great tastes of China, Japan and Thailand this concept married superbly with the brand story. The perfect metaphor for an asian hot sauce that awakens your taste buds and fires up your senses.

Crafted like the products themselves, every part of the design was hand-drawn from the brand to each dragon. The usage of overlaying colours helps to represent the three strong and differing flavours while simultaneously nodding to traditional Asian art. The typography is simple but has a few ‘quirks’ to give it character and a slight Asian feeling without being cliché or country specific. The bold typography contrasts with the finer detailed illustrations of the dragons giving it presence on shelf.

The goal for the supporting brand language was be more expressive. We wanted the typography to be less refined and more vivid and striking. These big paint stroked letters, boasts the energy, flare and creativity of the product. This in turn encourages you to get experimental while using these sauces. All of these thoughts are encapsulated in the brands slogan – Unleash the Dragon!