Moile – Biological Honey Of Abruzzo (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: KØSE
Product designers: Giovanbattista Cannella, Michela Damone
Project Type: Concept
Location: Pescara, Italy
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Materials: Cardboard

The name “Moile” comes from the dialect of the Italian regione Abruzzo “lu moile” meaning honey. “Moile” become a real brand, designed in detail, it has been studied all the corporate identity, from logo to the corporate publishing.

Packaging is a modern retelling of the biological honey pack of Abruzzo, designed for Italian and international market. The pack has the aim to bring the Italian taste and in particular the Abruzzo flavors in the world, thanks to its packaging takeaways, composed of three different types of honey and a ceramic spoon, designed for the occasion, it revised to improve its performance of ” honey drizzle “. In addition to the package, you can buy single cans of acacia honey, wildflower and honeydew.