Company: Muutea
Project Type: Kickstarter project
Packaging Content: Tea Leaves
Location: USA

Muutea: Creative Tea Bags For Tea Lovers
Your cups and mugs help to express yourself but how about your tea? Muutea is an organic tea company, passionate about beautiful design and fresh tea taste. Muutea is created with the combination of mood and tea. With joyfully designed Muutea tea bags; you can let others know how you’re feeling, what you like and what you think. What a genius idea for selfie lovers, right? No more boring tea times! Muutea is waiting for your support at Kickstarter. And don’t forget, you will also be supporting local tea farmers.

Vibrant Color and No Bitterness
Muutea’s tea leaves come directly from farms to your cup. Muutea people are in contact with growers from all over Black Sea region. They want to support local farmers and give them a chance to add value to their tea. Fresh Black Sea Tea means no bitterness, vibrant color and shouldn’t forget to mention that smell, the refreshing smell of greenest tea leaves!

Designed with Passion and the Love of Tea
Tea is the second most consumed beverage on Mother Earth after H20. In many cultures it is also consumed at tea parties, at work, during mini breaks, meetings, social events and such. Muutea has 9 collection for the campaign: Solar, Halloween, Art, Fanatic, Emuji (which is emoji but different in Muutea world) Homeland, Die de Los Muertos, Garden and Zodiac. 9 perfect ways for your imagination. Standard packages have 16 individual tea bags and 10-16 different color and design variations with Black or Green Tea options. Also all collections have their own customized cup design. Another good way to express yourself, right? You can hang them as a decorative element or use them as a bookmark after you are done with the tea. Either way they are awesome!

Perfect Gift to Yourself, Your Friends and Your Family
Muutea’s mission is to inspire people who love tea. Encourage them to explore the world of tea on their own and express their findings to the others. Tea time should bring joy, excitement and fun. Little details make it a happy experience. Beautifully designed tea bags, Muutea is built with organic tea blends, providing joy for minds with big imaginations. You can use Muutea as a gift to yourself, your friends and your family. Now you can order Muutea from Kickstarter and help yourself to find a perfect gift and these talented tea lovers.