Nature’s Medley (Student Project)



Designers: Rebecca Kisch, Catlin Khamashta, Sally Yingst
Project Type: Student Project
School: California Polytechnic State University
Course: 48-Hour Repack Challenge
Location: San Luis Obispo, California
Packaging Contents: Flour
Packaging Materials: Paperboard

Nature’s Medley was created during the 48 Hour Repack Challenge. Nature’s Medley is an assortment of six organic, gluten-free flours that are stored in 100% recyclable, paperboard receptacles. The package itself, is a two-piece, resealable parcel featuring a nine-sided contoured body, a builtin easy-to-pour spout and a lid that doubles as a measuring cup. Its ergonomic design allows the customer to hold the product in one hand and easily stow it away after use. Additionally, the package is sealed with a tamper resistant paperboard band which wraps vertically around the majority of the body.