Pôpa Fiction

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Concept Agency: Pôpa Art Projects
Designer: Mario Belém
Winemaker: João Menezes / Quinta Do Pôpa
Creativity: Luis Mileu / Ricardo Henriques
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Porto, Portugal
Packaging Contents: Wine

If at times reality exceeds fiction, here we see it is fiction that inspires winemaking. Hot Lips, In The Flesh and The Grape Escape are three titles inspired by the imagery of Pulp Fiction, a fertile literary terroir made up of red wardens and complex characters.

Three wines with three stories inspired by the imagery of Pulp Fiction , the called “string literature” in Portuguese . This release brings the B side (series) of the Pôpa Grandchildren to explore less obvious and marginal aromas and flavors, with the passion to the surface and across the table . To drink without any moral restraint.

What’s Unique?
Pôpa Art Projects is the B side of Netos do Pôpa (Pôpa’s Grandchildren), a space to experiment wine that explores unexpected combinations, challenges centennial preconceptions and breaks down paradigms – as well as a few bottles along the way – with its own approach to the world of art.

The art of caring, making, keeping what is to be kept, of innovating what only makes sense to innovate, to expose and to share; all this is the art that is in the name Pôpa Art Projects. It is a means of creativity that will be passed onto other producers, wine-producing regions and food products.