Coudres Beer



Designer: phiyl Häner
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Céligny, Switzerland
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Materials: Paper

The small new premium Swiss based “COUDRES” brewery asked us to develop its brand focusing on its name and meaning (COUDRE = HAZEL in English).They also wanted to create a label with something vintage/patchwork/oldschool oriented and a touch of craziness in the logo itself.

We started with the hazel and made several propositions, but something was missing. No craziness in the label and logo emerged from them as the brewer said. So we started to combine the tree with several objects. It just did not work. The brewers were not convinced by the ideas we showed them. So one of them said “Just put a tree on a pointing finger, I don’t know, something crazy..!!!”.

We did just that … and they were delighted.

We then prepared some templates for several beer style using several colors schemes they chose. They now have 4 different types of beer and more are coming.

The brewery is now known as the “tree-hand” Brewery. Very recognizable so that no one forgets about this “strange” new beer brand and logo.

The printing process is simple: CMYK laser printing on paper labels.