San Juan Cigars / Skip Rock Distillers Collaboration

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Fresh Bread Design
Designer: Scott Wetzel
Photographer: VonJentzen Productions
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: San Juan Cigars
Location: Seattle, WA
Packaging Contents: Cigars
Packaging Materials: Paper

Recently, San Juan Cigars approached us to create a cigar band for a limited edition collaboration they were working on with Skip Rock Distillers in Snohomish, WA. They infused their already flavorful cigars with Belle Rose Rum, Skip Rock Rye Whiskey and Skip Rock Coffee Liqueur respectively to create the perfect pairings. We’re big fans of both companies and were more than happy to oblige.

We started with a custom dieline that was quite a bit larger than the typical cigar band you see. These are limited edition cigars and having a very unique shape and size was important for recognizability as well as distinguishing it from their standard line of cigars. The actual dieline was created to help showcase both companies equally without creating chaos. Custom, hand drawn scrollwork was added and foil stamped to intentionally move the eye in the right order and finally a burst brings us front and center to focus on the infused distilled spirit. The entire label was designed with not just strong identity in mind, but also a visual longevity…keeping the eye on the cigar band for the longest amount of time possible without boring the consumer. Smoking a cigar is a time consuming process and the cigar bands should hold the smoker’s interest for a long time. We finished tabs for handwritten stick and batch numbers to increase the perception that these are indeed hand-rolled, limited edition cigars.

What’s Unique?
The custom dieline is larger and has a more complex than many of the traditional cigar bands on the market right now. We also added very detailed, elegant and delicate foil stamped scrollwork. They have a vintage design with a modern color pallette. It’s classic and approachable without being overtly masculine. It’s interesting without being chaotic.