Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Tether
Chief Creative Officer: Stanley Hainsworth
Executive Creative Director: Steve Barrett
Creative Director: Dan Smith
Group Account Director: Dodi Monahan
Senior Creatives: Julia Ondich, Andrew Well, John Kendall
Senior Copywriter: Bo Gilliland
Copywriter: Berri Windsor
Account Manager: Alex Warren
Production Manager: Kyle Fuson
Senior Production Designer: Keith Slawson
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Krusteaz
Location: USA
Packaging Contents: Pancake and Bake Mix

When it comes down to it, baking, cooking and sharing food is all about connection—especially for parents who want to build happy memories with their families. Krusteaz hones in on that desire, helping customers create those connections.

On shelf, the baking category is dominated by a handful of legacy brands with little differentiation. While Krusteaz has been a household name in the West for decades, nationwide it needs to break through the sea of sameness on shelf. The packaging revitalization will help it stand out, attract new customers, and expand current loyalists across categories.

As a challenger brand, Krusteaz has to overcome strong consumer loyalty to legacy brands, but it has several important qualities that help set it apart: It’s been a family-owned business since 1932, and they put special emphasis on quality ingredients and recipes, which are relentlessly tested, America’s Test Kitchen style, to taste measurably better than the competition.

An injection of visual personality and a strong, color-coded brand block helps the design stand out on shelf and cues customers who will see Krusteaz on several different grocery aisles. A refreshed brand badge and instructions improves brand awareness and product information navigation. Since appetite appeal is key in this category, the new look brings forward mouth-watering photography that evokes the warm feelings associated with baked goods.