Mozzafiato Lusso

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Designers: Ankur Sahay, Tanisha Rastogi
Project Type: Student Project
School: Maeer’s Mit Institute Of Design
Course: Self Initiated
Tutor: Prof. Mahendra Bhai Patel
Location: India
Packaging Contents: Whisky Chocolates
Packaging Materials: High Density Mount Board

Mozzafiato Lusso( Breath-taking Luxury) is a packaging design concept for exclusive, luxurious whisky chocolates coming from Italian royal chocolatier’s recipe. Mozaffiato Lusso offers and cater to each and every sense of our nervous system and make the user feel and experience luxury from all around in its true sense and true meaning. The details which differentiate an expensive product to a luxurious product have been taken care in the package and over all designed experience.

When someone buys the chocolate package, he gets a box of whisky chocolate which is initially kept in a very well designed parcel bag, the box has a golden seal which is needed to be broken for un-boxing. On opening the box, the consumer see a well designed certificate of royalty and authentication from the chocolatier’s desk which carries each and every detail about the whisky chocolate which makes it so exclusive and so unique. Then further consumer can see an envelop which has a personal hand written letter from the chocolatier, thanking the buyer for tasting his chocolate and buying the exclusive series.

From whisky chocolate’s placement in the box to the opening experience of the box, to the last saliva in the mouth gives the consumer an over all super luxurious experience.

What’s Unique?
The certificate of authentication and exclusive collection with package from the royal chocolate maker.

The personalized hand written letter, thanking the consumer for choosing the exclusive series.

The over all luxurious experience given to a whisky chocolate package is unique.