Pressure Ice Cream (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Mattia Michini
Project Type: Concept
Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Ice cream, Chocolate, Vanilla, Amaretti, Coconut

Pressure Ice Cream is a concept for an ice cream brand, whose products are fresh, young and decadent.

The brand translated these values through a modern and minimal design approach, with a pastel color palette and the use of small symbols to represent the different savours.

The main concept behind Pressure Ice Cream’s identity is the “pressure” to eat something really tasty.

For this reason, we based the visuals on the creation myth of Adam and Eve, and their casting out of heaven because of the Snake, who “pressured” Eve to eat the forbidden fruit (usually portrayed as an apple).

The packaging follows the same idea, portraying the Seven Deadly Sins as ice cream flavours.