Vitako Melted Cheese Redesign



Studio: Ohmybrand
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Vitako
Location: Russia

Redesign of the packaging for the melted cheese Vitako
Different varieties of Vitako cheese have been on the Russian market for a long time, people know them. However, because of the current design of the package, this product has not been perceived as tasty and high quality cheese. Having studied the category and the history of the brand, Ohmybrand decided to maintain continuity but at the same time to make the package brighter, more appetizing and easier to notice on the shelf.
New packaging shows the future breakfast that looks delicious and varied. And if you put several packages in a line, it has a look of an endless sandwich, which stands out well on a shelf of a noisy supermarket. An appetizing food group demonstrates some options for a delicious breakfast with Vitako. A quick breakfast doesn’t need to be boring! You can add ham, herbs or something of your own choice to the cheese – and let the breakfast be delightful!