Awaken Essential Oils (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Rachel Bowe
Photographer: William Wikrent
Project Type: Student Project
School: UW Stout
Course: Graphic Design II
Tutor: Instructor Nagesh Shinde
Location: Chippewa Falls, WI United States
Packaging Contents: Tea Tree Oil
Packaging Materials: Wood, plastic

This was a rebranding project for Spring Valley Tea Tree Oil. This product and many of the competitors have very outdated labels and logos and are not consistent with current design trends. This may lead users/consumers to believe that the company itself has not done much to enhance or improve the product and would thwart their purchase. The goal then was to present an oil that stands out on the current market. Additionally, the product was to be introduced in such a way so that it contends with the current growing natural focused campaigns. It should make the viewer/consumer feel rejuvenated.

The wooden container was chosen so that it would reflect the natural elements of the product. Consideration of tea trees traditional use as a topical agent for the cleansing of skin also influenced the pump style container. It would therefore allow easy application onto a cotton swab to then transfer the oil onto the skin. Earthy green tones on the side panels reflect the natural component of the product while its simplicity suggests the products pure form.

A new name was given to the company. It was chosen on the basis of the meaning of the word. By definition, awaken means to stop sleeping or rouse a feeling. This direction was chosen as we as consumers often times neglect the physical properties of the products we are using and their potential danger. There seems to be a natural focused campaign beginning that is capturing the importance on what we put into and on our bodies. The name Awaken is supposed to enliven audiences and emend their mind and bodies to realize this importance. Additionally, since tea tree oil has been used for many centuries by our ancestors and continues to be effective now, a tribal inspired font was developed as a compliment to this fact.

Lastly, the design was laser engraved into the wood. This tactic was chosen so as to not use additional substrate (except for the small bottom label, as needed for the barcode) and to remain clean and simple. This component would furthermore be consistent with the products natural qualities.

What’s Unique?
In the market of essential oils, the unique container of Awaken Essential Oils, Tea Tree Oil definitely stands out. While most oils usually reside in amber or darkened glass bottles, Awaken Essential Oils are housed in a wooden overlay [theoretical] glass container. Essential oils are placed in darkened glass containers so as to keep the exposure from the sun limited. Exposure to the sun can constitute breakdown and deterioration of the oils rendering them less useful and beneficial. Awaken Essential Oils uses wood paneling over a glass container to achieve the same goal while complimenting the products natural qualities. Additionally, the pump style of the container considers tea tree oils traditional use as a topical agent for the cleansing of skin. It allows easy application of the oil onto a cotton swab to transfer the oil to the skin.