Exotic Snacks – kids selection (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Camilla Wallentin
Project Type: Concept
Location: Sweden
Packaging Contents: Candy, Nature snacks, kids
Packaging Materials: Paper, plastic

A re-design of the Swedish brand Exotic Snacks with the goal to attract a younger target group along with their conscious parents. Parents who knows about the latest trends and what to give to their children as a healthier option towards snacks. My end result is therefore a well-balanced mixture of what both today’s young children and parents appeal to.

I also made a concept for how the “pic n’ mix” section could look like in a shop. My idea was to make it informative for not only the parents, but also the kids.

With the help of the illustrations, even the youngest ones who yet can’t read, gets a good chance of understanding the content in each box.

What’s Unique?
What’s unique with this project is he combination of making the products speak to both of the different target groups – parents and children.