Creative Agency: Heine/Lenz/Zizka
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Berlin, Germany

See, hear, taste, smell, feel – Supersense stays true to its name. In mid-2014 Florian Kaps opened a concept store in central Vienna, appealing to all five senses and moving skillfully between analog and digital.

For Supersense we developed a corporate design principle, packaging, manual and a microsite.

Corporate Design

The Supersense logo is a certificate as well as a sign of quality. To emphasize the haptic experience in its written and visual identity the logo is applied by hand, stamped, punched, riveted, embossed, glued, branded or sprayed.

Packaging Design
The first instant pinhole camera, designed by our founder Achim Heine, was produced in a limited edition of 500. We designed packaging, manual and a microsite.

Supersense products are packaged in handmade boxes of solid cardboard, the Supersense logo is equipped with a rivet. The typography on the sleeves cites analog, manually set, typographic letterpress posters.