Creative Agency: BTL Brands
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Hectares
Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Sweet Potato Crisps
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Kevin at Hectares had done an impressive job of getting his sweet potato crisps into Tesco supermarkets, BP petrol stations and small independent shops and cafes across the UK, all within just 2 years of starting the company from his native Scotland.

However, the brand wasn’t standing out or giving a clear and simple message. Our challenge was to take the Hectares brand to the next level with a new look & feel that was vibrant, bold and metropolitan but still true to its natural, hand-cooked, quality ingredients. The identity also needed to be applicable beyond sweet potato crisps as the company expands into different snacks in the future.

Our inspiration came from the name: a hectare is a measure of land area, and Kevin sources his ingredients from the very best hectares of land in the world, whether it’s sweet potatoes from North Carolina or peanuts from Indonesia. We took inspiration from aerial views of farmland and topographic maps to create a unique and relevant brand identity: a flexible new Hectares visual identity system that can be applied to any kind of snack in any kind of flavor in the future. A new brand message ties it all together.

Hectares: a whole new measure of taste.