Creative Agency: Panfilov & Yushko CG
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Stavropol, Russia
Packaging Contents: Peanut butter
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography

The company Panfilov Yushko Cg has developed a new brand of nut pastes TUT NUT. The simple and clear name well fits into category and is well remembered. The memorability is provided by several factors: simplicity, an internal rhyme in a combination of sounds and writing of the name. These qualities are maintained by the graphic decision: the logo in the form of the friendly, positive character, and also other graphic elements which main objective – beautifully and well to show, than can be useful nut paste what its positive properties consist in.

The main interest is the corporate mascot, which is organically integrated writing TUT NUT. The buyer sees initially hero, and then quite easily unravels little charade and reads the name of the brand. This technique allows to create an emotional stage of dating relationship with a potential buyer and interest him.

Having taken bank in hand, the person sees a spoon silhouette, on it minerals and vitamins with which nut pastes are so rich are visually shown. The design of the label is thought over so that to interest, tell more and more about useful qualities of a product and to bring to purchase.

The TUT NUT brand releases several tastes. We have carried out division according to flowers according to the associative array caused by the main ingredient of which this or that type of paste is made. On the shelf packing will be united by characteristic graphics and segmented by means of the color coding.

Nut paste in a disposable packaging is convenient to take with you on the road, and also include in a healthy breakfast or lunch for schoolchildren. Gift spoon will be a pleasant and convenient complement to the purchase.