Natural Parks Of Kakheti



Agency: Ohmybrand
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Simple
Packaging Content: Wine
Location: Russia

Natural parks of Kakheti in the «Shildis Mtebi» wines
Kakheti is home not only to rare animals, but also to fine wine. Kakheti is a unique region of Georgia. Mountains and valleys, rivers, forests and a wonderful climate – everything here seems to be designed for wine making. The wine «Shildis Mtebi» sets us off on a pleasant journey introducing the unique nature of the Caucasus and telling about the animals of Kakheti. We have a chance to walk through forests and valleys around the Shilda mountain where the Shildis Mtebi vineyards are located, to observe wild animals and birds living in Kakheti in their natural habitat and to enjoy excellent wine.