Big Dan’s Seasonings (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Karen Kresge
Project Type: Concept
Location: Allentown, PA
Packaging Contents: Wild Game Seasonings
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Jar
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Who knew there were special seasonings for Bison, Gator, Elk and Squirrel? Big Dan has developed these blends of herbs and spices to compliment every kind of game.

It is important that the product appeals not only to outdoorsmen and hunters, but also to chefs. So an upscale, but also homey and old-fashioned feel was in order. The seasonings are very specific blends that are meant to compliment the unique flavors of the wide variety of game meats, so it made sense to approach the design of each label in a unique way. The product line continues to grow, with new seasoning blends being added several times a year. This approach allows the brand to be dynamic – to change and grow with each new flavor.

Respecting the history of responsible game hunting was also important, and so the designs have a vintage feel in homage to the Gaslight style of the Victorian period. This style features deep shadows that give a great sense of depth. Designers of that period might have developed this method to mimic the shadows that were a product of the gas street lights used on storefronts of that era. The bright colors that these designs employ coordinate well with the plaid that has been a part of the uniform of hunters for over a hundred years. A plaid pattern serves as a background for the labels to unify the brand.

The packaging needs to work in both grocery outlets and sporting goods stores. The graphic elements, the shape and the size of the jar, and the color and texture of the spices, all work together to make the product look at home in either location.