Designer: Laura Voet
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Chokay
Location: The Netherlands
Packaging Contents: Chocolate

Chokay – For the love of people, planet & chocolate
Chokay is a Dutch brand who produces fair chocolate without added sugar. Together with Chokay we rebranded their packaging and identity. Characteristics of Chokay are: conscious, honestly and committed.

The personal side of Chokay is important. That’s why the owners Bart en Lars are visualized on the backside of the packaging design. You can also see the personal touch of the brand in the personal cards we made for Chokay. An idea is to add a personal written card to an order.

The illustrations on the different packaging visualize the ingredients of the chocolate. Every chocolate has its own color. We also made wrapping paper for Chokay. In the future it can be used in different organic stores where you can buy Chokay. We used the color white for the wrapping paper because all the packaging is from recycled kraft material. When we add a white (recycled) wrapping paper, you create a bright and clean image of the brand.