Designer: Ashley Peña
Project Type: Student Project
School: PrattMWP
Course: Visual Communications II
Tutor: Cindy Koren
Location: USA
Packaging Contents: Hair Products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

A branding concept for a line of curly hair products.
Coco Marie is a brand for women and young girls that desire tight curls that are loved and cared for. Our mission is to keep every curly cutie’s hair hydrated and soft, using four key products. Coco’s Curl Enhancing Cream, Loving Leave-In Conditioner, Coconut Cutie Serum and Pure Argan Oil are combined to treat hair in the most loving way. Not only is Coco Marie all cruelty-free vegan, paraben and sulfate free but is also here to create a loving community for all curly cuties to finally set their hair free!

What’s Unique?
Coco Marie sets apart from other hair products with a bold illustrative style and is balanced with a limited color palette. The unique design of the products and assets keep the brand visually pleasing while still using all sustainable materials. The entire kit also includes a step by step curly guide, stickers and a journal for cuties to record their curly journey.