Creative Agency: TSMGO | The show must go on
Director: Ricardo Moreno Rodríguez
Art & Design Management: Marta Terrazas y José Luis Casao
Photography: DclickEstudio!
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Easy-Mixers
Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Coctail premix
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, paper
Printing Process: Foil stamping, embossing

Concept creation for the new brand, Easy Mixers, which elaborates cocktail bases and pre-mixers to make cocktail-making easy, and its transfer to the packaging.

Its developers, leading references in the world of cocktails and mixology, wish to innovate with a disruptive product which professionalizes and standardizes the service, taking advantage of growth and new trends in the sector.

To be identified at the point of sale, for the product to have an educational nature, as there is nothing of its kind on the market, and to have to instruct on its use.

TSMGO’s involvement has achieved in transferring this philosophy to a brand identity and a brand strategy, allowing Easy-Mixers to exploit its full potential. Easy-Mixers is an approving nod at the origins of the cocktail, a way to revisit a love for classic cocktail.

We turn to the beginnings of cocktail-making, linked to digestive medicinal concoctions which helped to balance overindulgence, heavily associated with pharmacists and healing properties. From this “medicinal” facet, we incorporate a pharmaceutical presentation through the bottle.

During the 1920s, due to Prohibition in the USA, a time of peak clandestine fabrication, cocktail-making developed to camouflage the alcoholic flavour of destillates, a fact which allows us to take advantage of the aesthetics of the time.

What’s Unique?
Meanwhile, in the Old World, the Europe of 1925, a group of dreamers (the surrealists) recovered an old game they had once used to create new images easily. A drawing was started, with the paper then folded was continued by someone else, who had no idea of what the previous person had drawn, which ended up producing surprising results. This technique was called cadavre exquis – “exquisite cadaver”. We included this technique in the visual narrative of the project.

This way, our own particular Easy-Mixers pharmacist/alchemist starts a cocktail which will then be finished by a barman, wherever they may be found in the world, in the simplest of ways.

The divine 2/3 rule

We favour applying the divine 2/3 rule (essential in cocktail-making): two units of pre-mix (non-alcoholic elements) plus one of alcohol. Faithful to this rule, with Easy-Mixers we go a step further and we make it our (educational) seal.

The label comprises three strips distinguished by different technical treatments, which reinforce the idea of fractions of which the “divine 2/3 rule” speaks, and confers a Premium appearance to the ensemble.

Each of these strips incorporates a different illustration, which, once put together in the same way as the exquisite cadaver technique, make up a new figure with a unique personality, linked to one of the Easy-Mixers varieties. This collective work is implemented to perfection with product storytelling up to its final elaboration.

Finally, the use of natural paper and the choice of typographic palette with a marked American flavour, providing the packaging with an unmistakably exclusive appearance.

It has been launched to the market with two product ranges:
– Eightsential: 8 premixers essential for cocktails.
– Alchemist Edition: A special series of premixers for exclusive clients with a more premium treatment.