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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Focus Diseño Estratégico
Graphic Designer / Illustrator: Estefanía Cáceres
Photographer: Sharom Flores
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Kumara
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Packaging Contents: Superfoods
Printing Process: Digital printing

Kumara is a brand that offers natural products made by superfoods. Aligned with this concept, a clean and colorful graphic was created. Brand illustrations were handmade using paper, pencil and drawing pen. The ingredients selected as part of the illustrations are the integrating factor for all labels of the brand; however the patterns, shapes and positions of these ingredients change in order to adapt to each product in a personalized and dynamic way.

The chromatic is appealing and energetic, so the products can be recognized at first sight and easily remembered. The K isotype was illustrated under the same concept and figure pattern of the rest of the brand in order to create a connection and a handcrafted look with a representative icon that communicates an organic and natural message.