Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In June 2017

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Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of June 2017. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

Laudum wine packaging design by Lavernia & Cienfuegos

LAUDUM is the genitive plural of Laus, the Latin word meaning praise, glory, fame. For such a classic, Latin name, with strong Roman overtones, we have designed this bottle with references to columns of the Lonic or Corinthian period with characteristics from ancient Roman temple architecture. The relationship between viticulture and the temple is age-old. The column is part of the temple, it rises towards the sky, it is history and art, as is wine.

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Viupax Innovative #Sustainable ShoeBox packaging design concept by Matadog Design

After two years of designing, researching and testing, Andreas Kioroglou, founder of the award winning design studio MATADOG DESIGN has developed the ultimate sustainability shoe packaging solution, as it incorporates a number of innovative features.

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Before & After – Mills of Saint George packaging design by Mousegraphics

Faithful to our approach of an “honest” design we moved away from the existing packaging approach and started by designing a new logo that references the name of the brand with deliberate economy of means and simple outline. We were inspired for our packaging concept by a phrase used for the most popular type of flour which is taged as “suitable for all uses”, and our client’s control process known as “experimental bakery”.

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Air Jordan Triangle Shoebox concept packaging by Tomislav Zvonaric

Is this the future of Air Jordan shoeboxes? This gorgeous shoebox has our eyes completely captivated and it comes in multiple colors and patterns. Tomislav Zvonaric designed this awesome new concept of triangular aluminum packaging for shoes and it can also stack up pretty neat.

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What do Eve, Isaac Newton and Steve Jobs have in common? – Apple packaging design by Tiger Pan

Eve ate the forbidden fruit and committed the original sin in the Bible, Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravitation when an apple fell onto his head and Steve Job is the brain behind Apple’s iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad changed the entire world.

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Fruit Moon beverage packaging design by Yaroslav Zheleznyakov

Fruit Moon is the brand for dreamers. For people who like to live in fantasy, it is a natural fruity drinking water with pleasant taste. Water Fruit Moon has soothing and relaxing properties, because little mint extract is added in and it makes taste of the fruity water more pleasant.

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Easy-Mixers cocktail premix packaging design by TSMGO The Show Must Go On

TSMGO’s involvement has achieved in transferring this philosophy to a brand identity and a brand strategy, allowing Easy-Mixers to exploit its full potential. Easy-Mixers is an approving nod at the origins of the cocktail, a way to revisit a love for classic cocktail.

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GREK Tea packaging design by interabang

Interabang have completed the branding and packaging for GREK: a new tea company importing high quality herbs from Greece where they thrive – loaded with essential oils, solar energy and aromatics. Bringing that vitality to an infusion is something of an art and GREK have focussed on finding the perfect proportion of the right varieties from the right areas of Greece.

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Really unique wooden box design by

Ivan Erkic as a product designer, author and co-founder with Nikica Marinkovic aggro-engineer from Belgrade have created a new brand in field of ecological packaging – The WooBox. Multi-functional mobile box with natural temperature insulator. As a transport unit it keeps its natural features or it becomes a in store rack or an designed modern furniture piece when not used.

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Absolut Rainbow Flag Edition packaging design by Pond Design

Absolut has previously released a number of limited editions, the brand wanted to show their strong and long commitment to the LGTB community through creating a permanent Absolut edition. Pond Design was commissioned to design an Absolut Rainbow flag edition, proudly carrying the LGTB rainbow colours.

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