Pizza Hut Delivery – Hand Crafted Life Stories

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Ogilvy Malaysia
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: None (Handcrafted for series of posters)
Location: Malaysia, KL

We believe that Pizza Hut Delivery is part of people’s lives, meaning there’s a story behind every pizza box. To reveal the stories behind Pizza Hut Delivery orders, we crafted a series of insightful thematic posters that were drawn and cut by hand using real Pizza Hut boxes.The Four posters depict situations familiar with everyone, but particularly relatable to the target market of young adults, whether it was being trapped in a hell of work deadlines, turning into a hungry monster, not able to leave the couch or being faced with spiralling bottomless hole of hunger.Use of the Pizza Hut boxes was compelling, quirky and visually arresting, but also brand –and product – relevant, as the promotional poster was actually made of the same material as the product packaging.

Pizza Hut Delivery – No Time To Cook
Pizza Hut Delivery – Unexpected Guests
Pizza Hut Delivery – Fail Dinner Again