Designer, Copywriter: Leta Che
Project Type: Concept
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Packaging Contents: Сlothes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

To develop a creative packaging idea for a new brand of woolen clothes “Сool Wool”

Who says “Wooooooooo”? — Owl!

The customer came with a good and sonorous name. So in this name I saw an image of funny wool owl.

1) Retail sales in clothing stores.
I decided to develop branded gift packaging with funny prints.

Slogans accentuate attention on the woolen quality of the product. I took few famous phrases and added a little wool in them. Our brand-character changes clothes depending on the sold product. Now we have socks with different lengths. So let’s change their length.

2) Internet shop with delivery by post.
I produced a private brand mailing tape with a post owl instead of a post dove. So now our brand has it’s own Wool Post. This tape suitable for any brand products (socks, sweaters, hats, etc.).