Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In January 2018

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Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of January 2018. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

“Ouch!… It hurts to look at the needles packaging” – Darya Dyachenko

A joke concept of the needles set packaging was born as a result of a students challenge to “pack the pain“. The label is stamped in the form of a female fingernail in which hand needles are stuck.

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SUNMAI – Cats On The Roof beer packaging design by NIO NI

We designed the special edition of SUNMAI beer labels. Using stories of cats from actual cats owners, we illustrated those interesting stories into awesome drawings.

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GAEA Vegan Snacks packaging design by mousegraphics

The market for vegan products is on the rise for a few years already and, according to our research, has been largely dominated by a packaging design that uses images of fresh food in an effort to tempt new consumers with ideas of naturalness. We opted for a diametrically different solution. Our client’s vegetable snacks are natural, healthy, gluten free, low calorie, liquid free and prepared with the best possible ingredients. We decided to use pure design in order to create a visual statement out of these bare facts. Each vegetable (carrot, gherkin, cauliflower) has been designed like an emblem on an area of two strong color zones. All product information is clearly and directly stated on the front. This packaging borrows some of its principles from flag design as it applies to a fast-growing transnational tribe of food aficionados.

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Sargs IPA packaging design by Hula: Diseño y serigrafía

‘Sargs IPA’ is a craft beer, Indian Pale Ale style, made with love and taking care of every detail. The result is a fruity beer, with strong hops aromas and very easy to drink and enjoy.

This amount of aromas led us to think on a beer jungle, stimulating, an idyllic place to lose yourself if you are a beer lover.

We decided to make an illustration in which, as happens with craft beer, the creation process had a great role: Work with your hands, take care of the details and enjoy your work.

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Vana Tallinn packaging design by Appartement 103 – Brand Design

The boutique branding and packaging design agency Appartement 103 has redesigned Vana Tallinn, the legendary Estonian liqueur brand owned by Liviko Group.

Selling over 2 million bottles a year across 27 countries, Vana Tallinn has been growing in popularity on the export markets, competing more and more with international brands. However, the outdated presentation was starting to hold back its expansion plans. Therefore, revamping the brand without losing its essence became crucial and was the key challenge for the creative team.

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Red Jacket tea packaging design by Plenum

Russian tea market is highly competitive and have been in decay for a couple of years. Companies have to come up with new solutions in order to increase their market share.

A tea company with years of experience, wide tea range and strong price positioning have decided to enter a B2C market. Previously the company has worked only in B2B supplies of tea and coffee.

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Aloha! Halau fruit snacks packaging design by Creamos

A new brand of crispy fruit snacks inspired by Hawaii, its joy and its colors. With a very special packaging , that women will want to carry in their purse, men will be trendy and children will be attracted by their colors.

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A Piece Of Lovely Cake packaging design by Step Design

Hello, I am a love letter (Mandarin pronunciation for sweet pastry).
I collected every sweet memories that happened in Xiamen with you in this box of delicious pancakes.
I hope you can enjoy it for yourself or give it to your loved one in the future.
Even today we will not write a love letter again,
We can still use “a letter of love” to convey feelings;
Even if we do not talk about love again,
We still can this delicious entrance.
Therefore, the uncomfortable, crisp to you.

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Sirjan herbal syrup packaging design by Vahid Yaghoblo

These high quality products are produced in Iran. The traditional herbal syrup is one of the best in the world. Illustration of products based on the role of flower in the city of Sirjan. The sale of these products in Europe has been used in English.

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Star Wars Light and Dark perfume packaging design by Perfected Designs

Perfected Designs were challenged to design a packaging solution for a limited edition set of Star Wars perfumes created under license by Keepme Fragrances and Disney. The brief required the fragrances to be sold as two individual products and a twin set that would appeal to both the mainstream consumer, passionate collector and nostalgic purchaser to celebrate and capture the enormous consumer demand for the iconic Star Wars franchise. Our goal was to create packaging that would make a great keepsake and that wouldn’t look out of place amongst other mainstream Star Wars memorabilia.

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