SanPellegrino Sparkling Tea



Creative Agency: FutureBrand CMGRP Spa Italia
Design Director: Fabrizio Severino
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: SanPellegrino Spa
Location: Milano, Italy
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium
Printing Process: Flexography

SanPellegrino launched a new product concept: a sparkling and organic tea made with mineral water, tea essence and natural Italian fruit juices. A tasty, refreshing, healthy and adult alternative to mainstream CSD products.

SanPellegrino wanted to revitalize and enlarge its portfolio by introducing an innovative pioneer product able to lay the ground rules for a whole new market segment, and thus open up new growth opportunities. The brand identity of the new offer needed to express premiumness and innovation by playing emotional chords, something that none of the premium CSD alternatives was doing.

“The core objective was to reflect a key consumer insight: ‘Thanks their expertise and attention to premium and quality ingredients, SanPellegrino sparkling tea combines the best tea leaves with a touch of Italian lemon juice and their unique and unmistakable bubbles for a most natural and taste experience, with low sugar content.’ Starting from the “Life Deliziosa” advertising concept and focusing on the brand key visual assets, the new identity succeeds in being emotionally engaging and natural. The brand image plays with light green and delicate leaf illustrations illuminated by thin rays and bubbles in the background,” says Fabrizio Severino, FutureBrand Italia Design Director.

What’s Unique?
Sanpellegrino’s sparkling tea brand image showcases the evolving consumers attitude towards healthier habits. The end result is a well balanced design that perfectly matches Italianity, tradition and naturalness.

It tested so good in research in the US, UK and Italy that no change was needed. Consumers welcomed it warmly because of its balance between novelty, healthier proposition and Italian tradition.