Airwick Life Scents Room Spray



Creative Agency: VanBerlo Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Air fresherner
Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Designed for premium experience
Developed from in-depth consumer findings, VanBerlo has created Air Wick Life Scents; an innovative aerosol dispenser that combines both looks and convenience. With its elegant yet comfortable grip, the Air Wick Life Scents range provides consumers with enhanced control and superior in-use experience.

Ergonomic design for premium experience
The ergonomic design coupled with RB’s brand values, enabled VanBerlo to create an aerosol dispenser that merges looks and convenience. In co-creation with consumers, VanBerlo has created an air-freshener with a firm but comfortable grip that enhances control, giving consumers a superior in-use experience.

User tested at every stage
Taking into account aspects such as, activation, grip and the nozzle, we created a range of dispenser models. These models were used to gain valuable feedback from consumers, exploring the ergonomics, semiotics and the usability of the product. Based on the feedback, we were able to develop clear starting points for creating an aerosol pack with superior user experience.

Shelf stand-out
Whether it is on the top, middle or bottom shelf, the contoured can, coloured cap and extended handle catch the eye! The wrapping around graphic and coloured range navigation aids the consumer in identifying their favourite scent.