Derrick Lin


Agency: Cowan Vietnam
Designer: Vuong Nguyen
Art Director: Vuong Nguyen
Designer: Vuong Nguyen, Tan Nguyen, Truc ‘Chu’ Dinh
Copywriter: Tan Nguyen, Vuong Nguyen
Lead production: Phat ‘Kei’ Nguyen
Illustrator: Duong Hoang, Tin Anh Huynh, Nghiem Nguyen
Assistant: Quy
Associate Account Director: Giang Nguyen
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Coca-Cola Vietnam
Location: Ho Chi Minh city
Packaging Contents: Canned soft drink
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Offset printing

In mid 2017, we got a brief from Coca-Cola Vietnam for Coke, Fanta and Sprite for 2018 Lunar New Year. Fortunately, the board game concept has been won.

These board game boxes hopefully bring family members more quality time and more laughs during traditional holiday. And also introducing a better way to reuse the carton box instead of throw it away.

I got a chance to work with the illustration team (again) that made the 2017 Fanta & Sprite packaging. I think this is another wonderful project for us to pull-off.

For some reasons, the Sprite packaging couldn’t make it through. So this year, only Fanta box got board game printed on.

What’s Unique?

  1. Reuse the carton boxes instead of throwing it away as usual.
  2. A good excuse to connect family members and among friends too instead of stick on smartphones in whole New Year holiday – which is the family reunion time period, similar to Christmas time in Western.
  3. The board game also allow players to stack more board to expand the game and customize rule according to their creativity and naughtiness.